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Friday, October 8th, 2004
12:25 am


I havent written in awhile, wow seems like i start every entry off like that. I guess I'll start off with updating the basics...because I know everyone is just on the edge of their seat waiting for this. I went to a football game tonight with the girlies it was fuun...actually i lied it was boring as hell...usually there fun tho! We got our 20day reports in schoolio and Im not failing anything and all my marks are 75 and above so Im pretty proud of myself for that one, although my classes are pretty damn easy I still think its cool.

I hate writing about school its repetitive and boring. Entries like this are stressful because I have alot on my mind and I just want to rant it all out but I dont know how to type it down or whos reading this...=\...

Everything has been going good in my life...well nothing insane that I need to complain or talk about....friends are good/grades are good/family is okay, but I just feel insignificant and alone alot more recently. Buuut I duno I dont really want to talk about it on a livejournal..so enough of that personal shit.

Its crazy to think about the world and how small our lives are compared to everything else thats out there. Everyone thinks that life revolves around the little dramatic events that happen at school/work/home but its weird to think about THE BIG PICTURE. How there are millions of children without parents dying in Africa from Aids...a disease which we have medicine for that helps you cope with it, but instead our INSANE pharmacys refuse to send out supplies because they greedy bastards. Or how millions of dollars have went into finding cures for cancer/Aids/MS for decades and yet they still havent found a cure, I think that they either have and they dont want to give it out because they make more money off treatments because those are regulary once its cured they wont need the medicine, or I think they just arnt researching to find a cure...just researching for helpful ways to make it less painful. I know this probably isnt interesting for anyone to read and may be biased but MEH im a biased person. I find when I think about the "vastness" of the universe and all the major worldly problems going on..it helps make my problems less important and easier to forget. Even abuse towards children...just in this city...its pathetic how people turn their backs on it. Everyones own problems are really important but maybe theyd seem alittle less major if you took a step out of the box and looked around at what some of the world has become.....WHERE IS THE LOVE!? WE ONLY GOT ONE WORLD ONE WORLD...AND SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH IT!

Im not trying to say im mother theresea(sp?) and go to third world countries on my spare time and feed the starving children, but its good just to think about all the problems going on to make yours feel less big...and think about solutions or ways to try and help out your world. Even if theres a small way you can contribute...i duno..im kind of rambling and just saying weird stuff..and i dont really how to get all my opinions across but i just think its horrible all the stuff going on in the world and how helpless i feel when i wanna do something about it. Even the war with bush and Iran...like what the fuck was that honestly.....yeehaw bomb helpless people for oil...gotta love that! Hmm how can we get people to help me take control of the country with the oil...oh i know ill say they have nuclear weapons..im a genius! I duno its just really scary to think of the sort of people we elect in a democratic society to run our countries....but thats another topic for another day!

Hahaha hopefully this entry made sense...because I really felt that I needed to jot shit down..but im not reading it over, i never do!!

Oh and I have another random thing to add....how come you can really connect with a person for almost a year and talk all the time on msn....and then all of a sudden its just akward and you never talk to them....dont even acknowledge them...i duno i just dont get how people can just forget about someone and act like they never knew them...it makes me kind of sad actually...wish i could ask them about it...but i guess there just too cool and "rebel like" for me....ha ha?

laaater gater

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
6:36 pm
Well schools been back on for about 2 weeks now. My classes are actually easy and pretty fun though, and it was good to see the people I havent seen for two months..that was cool =D So far school is going pretty good...apart from homework and the usual crap haha.
I GOT MY G2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, I went for my test thursday..and i got it..the lady said i only got two things wrong too! I was soo excited...i can drive by myself woooooooo, soo AWESOME! Sophie got hers too so thats fricken awesome :D. The test was really easy...i was soo nervous before though but i got a really nice girl so it was all good.
Last night sophie picked me up with tamara and we went to get coffeee and then went back to her house and just hung out for awhile then jade and billy showed up and we went out with them for a bit. Then we went back to sophies and greg came over and we went to the store and got candy..well i got cheese...yes i like cheese alot! Then today I went and picked up sophie and tam for lunch at moxies...it was sooo good, then we just went driving and went to visit carleigh at work. I had quite the time with trying to get gas..its SOO hard! HAHAHA i was soo confused..and at first i stoped on the wrong side..kinda embarrassing but meh!
And I think sophies comming to pick me up in a few minutes so im gunna go get ready, but just thought id update.

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
1:58 am
I am pretty bored right now. Im babysitting my cousin (shes asleeep) and theres nothing on tv! Well final destination was on but its over now.
I cannot believe only 3 more days till school begins...thats just wrong. Im excited that high school is going to finally be over and done with, but its kind of a scary thought to think of actually moving on...and growing up. Its overwhelming. Soo many adults have been in my face about university/job/boyfriend/grades and every other annoying question they can think of..like this woman whos friends with my family who ive never met before was just like soo brittany where are you going to university and whats your grade point average? its like....hello to you too? Like fuckin back off!!! I feel like high schools already over and it hasnt even begun yet, arrgh why is everything so rushed and have so much pressure...PRETTY DAMN ANNOYING! but anywayy haha
I got my hair cut today...ack its soo short..well its short to me. But it needed a trim for sure, so im glad i got one. Tomorrow im going shopping with my mom for supplies for the joys of education and im gunna get some more clothes woohoo...gotta love this city's selection of clothing! =\ But yaah i dont know why i updated since ive pretty much got nothing to say haha.
Went to sophs last night and just hung out..we were supposed to go to Gavins party tonight but i had to babysit and she was tired so meh, there shall be other parties. Not that i'll have time for them...yaaay schoool...jesus christ!
but im gunna go flip through channels AGAIN lol, so catch ya on the flipside.
this was a happy entry :D haahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

im bored


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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
12:56 pm
I am in B.C, but alas i leave tomorrow..and i really dont want too!!!! Not to mention school starts in like a week..whats up with that!
So I had a good week here.. i got here friday afternoon..theres a three hour time difference here so i gained three hours which is fricken sweet. I had to take two plans..all by myself to get here..and wait in an airport and board a plan all by myself..i was kinda freaked out but it was pretty easy once i did it so thats good..now i know (i was doing it like bill nye)
First Day-Uncle picked me up, came to his massively huge penthouse and gave me the grand tour (four balconys..one facing the lake, one facing the mountains, the city and then the lake again. and on one of them he has a jacuzzi!! i was pretty much in heaven)He also has a theater thing in his house..like with 6 leather recliners and a movie screen, pretty nice. Then he has a waterfall in his kitchen and..okay well i dont really feel like explaining his house too lazy..but ill just say its AMAZING, and i wish i lived here. Okay soo
First Day..umm well we went to a resturant..the white spot, and then to see a movie.
Second Day- Ate in, went to see an outdoor play...like on a comune(think old fort william but WAAAY nicer and more well done), there like this acting group that all live together on this farm and do everything there selves and put on two different plays a year...there age ranges from 16-50, it was pretty well done like i was impressed. and anyone can join its just really cool.
Third Day- Did hardcore shopping, got most of my back to school clothes here...they actually have a selection here..with more stores then just american eagle and american eagle lookalikes...gah so annoying i hate that store..i dont know why. so i was excited about that. came home and went for a walk down to the beach and went swimming. then went to a really fancy resturant to eat....very sauve lol
Fourth Day- Went to Penticton to visit great grandparents...and went out to a chinese resturant...we drove though the moutains to get there, it was pretty spectacular, the view and everything.
Yesterday- Woke up, me and my dad went to rent bikes...biked all over the board walk right beside the beach, stopped at the little shops..very quaint lol. Umm..then we just biked all over town for like two and a half hours..then i went for a swim because it was pretty damn hot! Then came home and went go-karting...funnest time EVER! I was driving really fast and I guess i cant turn corners as good as i thought i could so i rammed into the pilons and did like a massive 360 turn on the grass then when i tried to get back on the course i realized i was going backwards to i had to go back on the grass and find the right way to go...wooow i was laughing sooo fricken hard. Then on my last turn..we got six turns...i was going around the last bend and i just spun out of control because i forgot to use the break i guess and i hit the tire blocks full speed and got stuck HAHAHAHAA...ohh my god i was laughing soo fricken hard so the guy had to come over and lift me and the car out i was suprised at how strong he was...and he was really cute..so i was kinda embarrassed but not really...and he said "i havent seen a wipe out that good for awhile" and i just said "what can i say" and drove off laughing...im surprised they didnt kick me off the course lol. but meh, i can honestly say i had more fun wiping out then i did when i completed the course! But yah that was a blast...i wish we had go karts like that in shithole. Then we went home got changed and went to this really nice winerary place its like an outdoor resurant and it has such a nice view of the mountains the lake...it was really good food too..and i got two glasses of wine..oo lala haha. And we went with my great grandma (shes like 81) and she had a glass of wine and was like trying to pick up the hot waiter and he was french so she kept trying to get him to speak the "language of love" to her i was laughin soo hard..and she kept telling me that i had to much to drink..it was halarious but yaah old people are funny when there "tipsy"
And that brings me to today....Well I think I may go parasailing today....hopefully if the weathers nice enough. thatd be a sweet thing to try!! But I gotta go bring those bikes back today sooo yes...wow this was a long entry and i left soo much out CRAAAZY.
hope everyone had a good summer..and is prepared to go back to schoool..haha oh god!
laaater gaters

ps-----sooooooo maaaany hot guys here...with there shirts of....playing beach volleyball and swimming...woooow....why the hell did i have to be born were i was :( soo deprived!

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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
5:53 pm
Well 6 days ago was my birthday...it was pretty swell. I was happy with it all I got lotsa money, which I needed because of my lack of occupation! I got about 250 in regualr cash and 300 in gift certificates and block buster money haha =D. And I got a purse, a pretty toe ring with my birthstone, the book sloppy first..now i need to get second helpings cuz im done it, and 12 dvds..including...FAMILY GUY SEASONS ONE TWO AND THREE booyaaah, and a dvd player so all in all im HAPPPPPY ahaha woo!
The day before my b-day I went to sophies and she bought me case of beer =O, and we each got 12 pretty sweet lol. I felt soo loved, i got a bunch of emails from my friends, and this girl sarah who went to my elementry school but we sorta lost touch and she emailed me..it was really sweet! So anyway went to sophies with a bunch of people..got drunk went home..woke up had birthday diner/jello cake(didnt want a regular cake)/presents/family pictures. Then went to sophies again and we went out with billy and curtis.
Then sunday I went to my moms for presents/supper there too..then we went to go see little black book it was cute, i like the ending me and my mom were both kinda surprised but it but i liked it! Then I went back to my dads and watched dvd's haha! Monday I went to Sophies...then some stuff happened which isnt good...nothing involving me but was pretty sad....
A few days later carleigh picked up me and sophie and took us out for a drive..i love having friends that can drive..and we went to WENDYS...the ultimate chilli place..soo fricken good. Then we went to Tim Hortons...and to get Sophies carny passes haahaa! Then we went to pick up dez and went to see Collateral(sp?) Meh it was okay..we were being soo fucking loud tho it was halarious. There was this scene in the movie when these foxes slowly cross the road and theres this retarded "emtional" music going on in the backgroud and we all just cracked up and couldnt stop laughing...bahahahaa..it was just too corny wow. It was an okay movie..kinda slooooow moving tho but enh whatever. Then the next night we went to sophies again..do i sense a pattern? And cars boyfriend and his friend came over and we all watched Blow...goood movie! And thats pretty much whats been going on...tomorrow all of us are going to the carny festival and going on EVERY ride...sophs my ride buddy woot, were gunna have some fuun ;), i think a bunch of cars b/fs friends are comming with us..hopefully a certain one MUAHAHAHA..anyways!
Today I went to my grandpas office and typed up some shit for him for community hours...im soo pro he was all amazed at how fast i type...all thanks to messneger haha wow im a faaag ahh well you win some you lose some. Then I went to my grandparents house for supper and showed him how to d/l movies illegally haha goo me! But I gotta go have a shower sooooo
laaater gater *************britttttttttttaaaaaaaaaany*********

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
12:38 pm
Dance With Me Lois..Dance The Dance Of Love
heeeeyyy, whats shakin? I cant believe its already August I dont want to to go back to school, woohoo back to projects, culminating activities and tests my favourite ohh and cant forget those 10page essays SHAAAZAAAM...lol whoa i havent said that in awhile.
Last night was pretty alright. I went to sophies around 9 and we just sat around with greg and drank..and reminised about funny moments of family guy...ahh yes i love that show soo much! Hahaha sophie and greg have the funniest thing to do to my title "Dance With Me Lois..Dance The Dance Of Love" they were showing me last night I almost peed my pants soo halarious..i want to watch that episiod now! Im soo glad there making a new season...faaantasmic! But aaanyways haha, then Greg left and we went to go catch the bus but that didnt really work so we had to get a ride with her dad that was funny. So he dropped us off at Dez's and we hung out there...chatted it up with her cousins well her and steph finished drinking and then we headeder' to the italinano festival...which was pretty shittty condsidering EVERYONE was in the damn beer gardens! I thought there was going to be entertainment or something, but I guess we just got there too late or something..sucks for us. So then we wanted to go cuz some weird old guy and his friends were like trying to "walk" with us and his other friends were yelling jaaailbaait it was quite gross! Then this guy adrienne came up to us and his friend and he was asking for our numbers and said he wanted to meet up later but he looked like he was 25 so no. Then we left and Dez's grandpa embarrassed her SOOO BAAD we were laughing at her very hard bahahaaha..poor dez :P

Theeen we went back to dez's because we were bored and then that guy called us and we told him we'd call him if we found somewhere to go haaha. After that sophie called Greg and he was at Pats house so he said we could go there with him and all his friends which was coool. When we got there we pretty much just sat around and joked around it was pretty fun, something to do =D Me soph and greg stayed there till about 145 then we walked back to sophies and dez and steph stayed there. We were freakin ourselves out soo bad on the walk home though...cuz we had to walk through this really dark "scary movie" field and we kept talking about the texas chainsaw massacar guy running down the feild towards us..and like creepy headless girls in the window..well its hard to explain haha but it was scary at the time! Once I got to Sophs I called a cab to take me to my aunts cuz I was babysitting my cousin the next day...but before I left Sophie just had to get greg to take a picture of us...damn her!! I looked soo shitty man...we walked like 20minutes in the humid hair..and i have curly hair..NOT PRETTY let me tell yah haha...sweet lord! But enh whatever photographs can be distroyed muahaha jk..sort of ;)
But im gunna go eat cuz my auntie just brought home some good cookin AKA Wendys...mmm I love wendys chili...soo freakin good

laaater masterbators :)

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
2:39 pm
i love thunderstorms
Well today seems like its going to be a blah day, its raining pretty hard over here and there was a thunder storm earlier which is cool, except i wanted to o biking but ah well. Today Im going over to dez's and I think were just gunna "chill" haha with steph and soph perhaps? So that'll be cool, i duno what were gunna do...maybe just be freaks as usual haha sounds good to moi.

Well I finally booked my g2 road test which is awesome, i love to drive...exspecially on the highway! The only shitty thing is the earliest I could book it was the 16th of September thats soo far away and I wanted to be able to drive in the summer but nothing i can do now except bitch and complain haha what girls do best right =\ LMAO...ahhhhh im soo bored! Hmm..so what else is new...my birthday is in a few days the big 1-7 even though it'll be no different from 16 or 15 so whatever, but hey i get presents and food so im not complaining haha =D

but im guuuuuunna goo and shower up or whatever ahahaha anyways....THERE MAKING A NEW SEASON OF FAMILY GUY!!! WOOOHOOOOO

laaater masterbators 8--- lol i do not know

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
12:41 pm
Woow 2 in 1
Im on a Roll with these entries. Maybe Im making up for the month or two I missed updating!
Well my summers been going pretty good so far, id have to say im pleased :D Went to see a few movies, Fahrenheit 9/11, Spiderman 2 and a few days ago with jenelle I saw Anchorman...and people may hate me for this...but we didnt really find it funny. I mean there were funny parts...where I was laughing pretty hard but like all together I just thought it dragged on...even though it was only 90 minutes but still! I love Will Ferrel though...but the movie just dissapointed me. But I was pretty glad to be able to hang out with jen cuz we havent got to hang out all summer so that was a thumbs up. And she got the car so we were just cruising around and eating....some of my favourite things to do!!
Well Im bored so maybe ill go for a bike ride with john or sooomthing...

laater masterbators :) ---brit---

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1:48 am
Beer, Joyriding and a little bit of the Full Monty
Well tonight was full..in a word! Started off normally enough...woke up, went to help my Aunt out at her school..set up her classroom and such, which reminded me of my upcomming school year which made me quite stressed out!! I cant believe its my last year, im not ready yet...its kind of scary! But onward...after that I drove me and my Aunt to my Grandparents house for dinner, then Sophie called me and I went over to her house with Ash, Dez, Curtie Billis and james...and they got us beer wooohooo haha :D So we funnelled a few got a good buzz going then we went out to crystal beach. Heres where the PG part ends haha...
Soph brought me a bathing suit so we lit a fire and all went swimming...or tried to but the water came up to our hips so that didnt work that well. But when it got daker Ash and Dez got the brilliant idea to dispose of their tops..no idea why..so they were splashing around..topless and when me and sophie got out there we were all laughing and yelling and normal girl shit...but then low and behold...the cops showed up..and this has happened to us before. So we all ran back to the beach as fast as we could soaking wet and trying to put out the fire, but the cops let us off and walked us back to the car....some other stuff happened inbewteen but fast forward to when we were back at Sophs. So we were all just sitting in Sophies room when we decided we were hungry so Ashley called up her friend to come pick us up in his verry attractive jeep ;P and take us to McDicks, so he did and we were just driving around afterwards and me soph and dez were completely wind blown because the top was off and couldnt eat our food so we decided to stop at Hillcrest Park, where we saw a bunch of people who used to go to our high school...pretty hot people haha! But then we drove away...and for some reason Steve decided to drive up on the grass and down the friggin hill at the park.....i was so scared i literally strangled sophie and jumped into her lap and they were all laughing at me but whatever, we were like falling over. So then we just kinda went on a joyride up Hodder and over to his buddys house and he like drove over a curb and into the bush...scary bush man with a chainsaw :O!! But he alas was not home so I just asked him to drop me off at home cuz we were like 5 minutes away and I had to be home for 2 anyway. So on the way down Hodder we were going 90 and I decided to stand up...i was wearing a skirt as well just to give you the full visual...whether you want it or not MEEEH!! And i was holding onto the top part of the jeep...it was sooo fuun holy shit...unexplainable...maybe im just easily amused and excited but that was awesome! So we pulled down my street and I was still standing up..but then dez reminded me it might not be soo wise for my mom to see me like that haha :S...so I got him to drive a few houses up and we were all laughing and yelling...and as i got out of the jeep..props to Steve helpin me out there man...but anyway as I was getting out I flashed my ass right in all their faces thanks to the wind..gotta love that..so they were all yelling about my glorious ass and Steve was high fiving me and then of course..I walked to my house and my mom is, of course, sitting on the deck laughing at me..peeerrrrrrfect! Hahahaa, and here I am!
So Id say I had a pretty wiicked night...quite different from all my other less exciting drunken nights haha. We made quite a bit of inside jokes.....such as the "tarp" "double chin waggle" "boob grab" and others!! Hopefully we can go out and do it again tomorrow haha..minus the cops..seeing as they let us off a second time....wooops! Theres soo much more but I dont feel like writing it, its just not the same....but it was good. a good night.
On another note, my mom wants to have some "mother-daughter" chat with my on wednesday...im scared...very scared and unsure aha! I have no idea what it would be about..which is special.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, that was a long as entry...but annnnnnywaysss...........until next time

laater masterbators ;) ----brit----

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
8:22 pm
sunflower seeds
Wooooow, im soo utterly bored! It really sucks...i went for a bike ride for 2 hours after school today, it is finally nice here *shocked gasp* i know its whack haahaa. Hopefully the nice weather is here to stay!! Yaay this weekend is May long, im pumped up aboot that once...even though its only tuesday but hey.
Today was interesting (not really), went to class ate lunch went to class then went home...arnt i the most intriging person youve ever met...thought so bitch!
I did have something moderately interesting but 100% horrible happen to me...which is never fun..i dont feel like writing about it right now maybe later.
I think i have homework to do, or tv to watch whichever one i see first

later gater

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
10:24 pm
usual ramblings
well im new to the "livejournal" scene, i used to write in TOD but it got boring and annoying with all the malfunctions and people knowing me and stuff.
I just want to vent some of my opinions and things that amuse me in a "oh so pathetic" sort of way.
It really annoys me when people are judegmental...and yes i am a bit of a hypocrite because i do judge people certain times, but i mean really judgemental and whiney. For instance people who are "gay" and dont even try to peg me off as a homophobic...my uncle is gay and i love him very much i have many gay friends and JACK is the best guy ever!! not that i have to prove myself to anyone but i just dont like it when people assume things right off the top because i put the word gay negitivly "HEAVENS TO BETSY WHAT WAS I THINKING" not..
ok so back to my point haha {i may have a.d.d.} like when gay people are judgemental of straight people...like okay so your here and your queer good for you..im here and im straight {yah poetry was never my strong point} like yes gay people are a minority group and get picked out and picked on but by parading around acting like everyone whos straight owes you something...and im not sterotyping every person who is homosexual, not all gay people are this way but ive met my share who are and it just annoys the hell out of me i dont realy know why. and its cool that you want to be proud of who you are and congradulations for having the confidence and strength to come out but to radio it out to everyone..im gay LOOK AT ME I LOVE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE SAME GENDER AS ME its like you just want to be seperated from straght people..like im straight and i dont run around screaming how im straght how much i love guys...i just dont see a point. well thats the end of my rant and you can hate note me all you want but i really dont give a shit ;) this is what i think and its my journal and thats all that matters in my little world =D

later gater

brittany <3

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